Motorcycle Helmets – What To Look Out For

helmet_advicetipsThe answer is YES! Obviously it is a personal decision whether to wear one or not. The facts are that a head protector can save your life. I didn’t realize that until I took a safety class. I didn’t know there was a distinction in caps other than the amount of spreads my head and face. There is a major distinction. Did you realize that head protectors have an expiration date? They do, if you glimpse inside (under he comfort padding) there is a sticker when the cap was made.

They recommend you replace the protective cap in about 5 years of THAT date not the date you purchased it. When a cap is made, the internal shell made of polystyrene which can starts to disintegrate. If you are at present wearing a head protector more seasoned than 5 years, dispose of it. It wont secure you in the case of a crash. A crash = the cap hits the ground. Whether you drop it from seat tallness or crash. Protective caps are useful for 1 drop just.


A head protector is the best gear you can purchase to potentially save your life. If you value your life you ought to always wear one. Strive for a brilliant shaded one. Black caps and jackets don’t help you to be seen. Be seen!

Beware of online head protectors. How would you know when it was made? Will it fit me properly? Why is it cheaper than my local store? Here are the answers: You can not get a refund on your helmet, once purchased. Get it and it doesn’t fit or has and lapsed date, you are screwed over thanks to it. How would you know whether somebody dropped it? Beware of sales on protective caps they probably are more established and they are attempting to dispose of them. I don’t take that chance. I go to my local dealer where I get inquiries answered and can attempt on many sorts. Each manufacturer fits in an unexpected way.

I recorded few head protector stats for you to consider before you pick a cap:


  • Always wear a head protector while riding
  • A cozily fit head protector will get to be comfortable after use
  • Always safely and cozily fasten the chinstrap
  • Utilize just warm water and gentle soap when cleaning a head protector.
  • Never place a head protector so that a projection, for example, a motorcycle mirror, can mark the liner
  • Never believe a cap after its impacted in a crash. Replace it with a new one.
  • Never utilize Windex or anything other than water within an “anti haze” visor or you will wipe away the anti mist.
  • Do a lot of research, even look at some motorcycle helmet reviews, to make sure you get what you deserve.

I trust this help you to choose what suits you best. Keep in mind our bicycles and gears are a personal decision, simply make the right one for you. Till next time, see you on the road!